SWING PLUS – functional and smart

The new compact INEO PLUS 450 WC-element03-29-2017

INEO PLUS 450 is a new addition to the  Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH  product range of WC elements with an INEO concealed cistern (with universal flushing mechanism) for drywall construction. The name of the range, 450, stands for the narrow construction width of 45 cm. As well as the compact dimensions, many small, practical technical details facilitate the universal use of the new WC element from SANIT in various drywall construction situations.

It is based on a self-supporting steel frame construction for dry cladding. Its dimensions of 1120 mm (height) x 450 mm (width) allow space-saving installation. A practical detail is the self-locking feet with swivel base plates. These make it easier to install on site as they allow the drywall construction element to be mounted with ease directly on the unfinished floor, in SANIT's 996 rail system as well as in lightweight metal stud walls (profile 50/70). Also practical is a new type of clip block. With this, the outlet bend clip (with four-way adjustment) can be secured quickly and securely.

The heart of the INEO PLUS 450 is the INEO concealed cistern with small access opening and front operation. The universal flushing mechanism allows the flush to be activated by hand (via cable technology), electronically (radio, cable-operated button or IR) or  pneumatically, depending on the requirements or specification. The dual flush is activated mechanically via flexible two-cable technology (no lever or rocker button). The capacity of the cistern is 7.5 litres. The large flushing volume can be adjusted between 7.5 and 4.5 litres, the small flush between 4 and 2 litres (factory setting 6 and 3 litres). The universal flushing mechanism of the INEO concealed cistern can be combined with all actuation plates (Series 700 and 706, LIS, LOS, SWING, HELA) with small access openings by SANIT. These allow different looks to be created in the bathroom. Designs ranging from classically elegant to playful are available. The LIS actuation plate is even available with an illumination function. When someone enters the detection range of the sensor, an LED light strip with six adjustable colours, lights up. It goes out again after a pre-set time of two to eight minutes.

A standard feature of the new WC element is the INEO FRESH Box which holds a cistern cleaning tablet. This ensures cleanliness - especially with rimless WC pans - and a pleasant fragrance in the bathroom. The INEO FRESH Box is straightforward to install and it is easy to replace the cistern cleaning tablet via the access opening. The INEO FRESH Box is also available as a retrofit kit.