Operating plate INEO SCOP - Light meets Design

Harmony of Design & Technology 06-01-2018

Flat compact design with coloured elements

Perfect jet pattern providing for a soft and splash-free inlet

Constant appearance because of reset function of turn handle

Flow-optimized odour trap of high drainage capacity Low height (90 mm)

Improved water connection set

New details - Stylish solutions

New is the flow-optimized, elegant odour trap of high drainage capacity and a design height of just 90mm. This odour trap is used for the SWING and SWING PLUS and all standard SANIT bathtub sets.

Completely redesigned has been the water inlet for the SWING PLUS. It has a universal water connection with R1/2 external thread. Quite in line with it comes a water connection set as accessory that consists of: flexible connecting hose 1,500mm, self-sealing connector with knurled nut G1/2 and a 2xR1/2 angle piece.

A system solution for bathtub inlet and drain is the SWING PLUS bathtub set und the water connection set together with the INEO RIM bathtub rim element.

Harmony of Design & Technology

SWING and SWING PLUS are the names of the favourites among the broad range of SANIT bathtub drains.

The products feature a flat compact design (just 38mm high) with coloured elements. The control unit of the SWING series is chrome-plated. The turn handle accommodates a stylish design element available in white-alpine, matt-chrome or black RAL 9005 and being part of the package.

The constant appearance of SWING and SWING PLUS makes it a harmonious unit by the reset function that puts the turn handle back to its original position.

SWING PLUS comes with a water inlet that is integrated in the turn handle and a rectangular aerator (flow rate class C) and provides for a perfect spray pattern with a soft splash-free inlet of the water jet along the bathtub.

The SWING series is made of high-quality plastic material as an innovative drain and overflow set for bathtubs with rotary eccentric actuation (Bowden cable technique) and a concealed valve cone.

Particularly convenient is the installation set ensuring a rapid and tool-free installation.

For special-type bathtubs and whirlpools SWING and SWING PLUS are also available as functional units with flexible overflow. Depending on the version the Bowden cable is 1m or 0.65m long. In line with it there is a control unit with the given advantages as an accessory.

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