Operating plate INEO SCOP - Light meets Design

Taking the line of thought further08-07-2015

When it comes to larger building projects featuring multiple, almost identical ground plans of bathrooms or guest toilets prefab all-in-one solutions constitute an efficient alternative to conventional building where individual components are used. Planning and costing security speak for prefabrication as does the cost optimization by short installation times. By making the installation blocks part of its production program Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH has complemented its range of prefab installation systems by one more option for pre-wall installation. This solution is suitable both as solitary unit and a complement for the prefab grid system by SANIT.

The blocks of compact design are based on the 996 pre-wall system, the appurtenant pre-wall elements and special dry construction modules.

A module for wall-mounted mixers are part of the optional scope of supply, for example, as are a sink module for exposed fittings or a barrier-free WC module. The WC elements basically come with a concealed cistern of the INEO type with universal waste kit and a small inspection opening.

The cistern has a Well certificate, the WC element meets the requirements of DIN 4109 (incl. a noise insulation expert report by Fraunhofer Institut).

A solid foundation of all blocks are the five basic components – square profile bar, corner connector and module connector, rail fixture and multi-connector – of the 996 rail system by SANIT. The integrated elements provide made-to-measure (incl. on-site measurement) compact blocks that require little space facilitating and thus accelerating the sequence of construction in new buildings and modernizations. The blocks are supplied to the site just in time. Prefabrication is possible up to complete tubing. The scope of supply includes the fasteners and connectors necessary for a stable and safe installation. Practical details of the design: The variable structure of the system components makes it easy to do the necessary adjustments.

Besides the function as individual solution the installation blocks are a perfect complement of the prefab grid system by SANIT. Especially when it comes to the renovation of sanitary rooms by floors in blocks of flats it makes sense to install system-conforming sanitary equipment in bathrooms  in high quality as wells as a clean and fast manner.

The SANIT grid system is based on a rugged, welded and corrosion-protected frame. As an alternative the frame is also available with the rail system 996 by SANIT The ready-to-install, room-high grid system accommodates all building services.  Depending on the requirements the grid system is provided with supply and disposal lines, fittings and concealed cisterns. Optionally ventilation components (incl. folded spiral-seam tube), decentralized dwelling stations or heating distributors according to customer specification can be integrated. Equally integrated can be inspection openings.