Operating plate INEO SCOP - Light meets Design

More space for creativity in the bathroom11-23-2018

The INEO FronTop WC elements create space for design ideas and practical comfort.

More space for grooming and wellness, more shelf space for bathroom utensils and decorations. These are the practical advantages of the INEO FronTop 820/985 WC elements by SANIT that can be felt. What is more, builders benefit from flexibility in operation and connection, high-quality workmanship and elegant design.

INEO FronTop is a real problem solver when it comes to low installation heights, recesses, roof slopes, small rooms and window understructures. It helps to save valuable space and implement creative bathroom concepts. Its incorporation into the INEO dry construction system 996 and lightweight single plank walls is easy and safe because of the self-locking feet and adjustable foot plates.

Practical room to move is also created in terms of operation and maintenance. As required the element can be operated either from the front or the top. The position of the inspection opening can be selected reversibly. A long service life and low maintenance is ensured by the high-quality workmanship Made in Germany.

And what about the look? Elegant actuator plates of several design lines are available. A flush installation - especially popular for modern bathroom design - is feasible.

INEO FronTop is extremely versatile when it comes to connection. A new corner valve set for water connection can be easily mounted from outside. It can equally be connected from the rear and laterally. A shower toilet can also be connected. And two more important details: The drain set for multifunctional flush release comes with easy-to-install flexible cables. And a dual flush helps saving water.

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