SANIT has many years experience in the processing of plastics. The extraordinary technical know-how and a highly skilled staff ensure the production of sanitary products in a highest productivity and quality.

The plastic parts are automatically produced by injection and compression moulding. The injection moulding as a rational plastics processing technology allows a production of complex, function-specific items. A highlight is the new production equipment for flush push plates.
Plastic waste from the production process is collected and 100% recycled.

In the assembly process of our final products, modern technologies such as ultrasound and Laser welding are applied. With the help of Laser engraving equipments a flexible marking of many products is possible.
An automated manufacturing cell is the heart of the exposed cistern production.
The packaging of most products is made on modern packaging machines which allow different types and sizes of packaging. A customer-specific marking by direct printing or label is possible.