Scala Hotel Jena

Luxurious bathrooms in the lofty heights equipped with SANIT system technology

The JenTower in Jena is one of the most well-known landmarks in the university town, with a height of almost 156 metres. On 15 December last year, a further highlight – in the truest sense of the word – was added to it with the opening of the Scala Hotel on the 27th floor (at a height of 120 m). However, before the new hotel could be opened, it was not only the integration of the latest building technology and services into the structure that presented challenges for the architect (Architekturbüro Falko Bärenwald, Jena), building services planner and building trade companies. All the companies involved in the building project had to overcome an additional obstacle. Only one of six express elevators was available to transport the materials, and that only at night. This unusual way of working was necessary to avoid disturbing the offices operating in the tower during the daytime. The company responsible for the plumbing work, D und L Haustechnik GmbH from Gotha, therefore had to transport the pre-wall modules and shower channels from Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH to the building site by this unconventional method before they could be installed in the luxurious bathrooms of the 7 single and 9 double rooms and one junior suite.

Modern building technology at the top

Owner Andreas Machner, who runs a restaurant at the top, is realising his dream of “his hotel” high up in a central location in Jena. “Guests will sleep at a height of almost 120 metres or can enjoy the stunning view over the city on the river Saale. The only hotel where guests sleep higher up is at a hotel in Frankfurt am Main”, reports Machner. The Scala Hotel, situated in this comparatively small city, is the second-highest hotel in Germany and the highest in Thuringia. It has, apart from its height, lots to offer inside in terms of its modern building technology, designed by Air-Consult GbR (a bureau of freelance engineers in Jena).

To compensate for the changeable weather in the spring and autumn, in the Tower the temperature is fully controllable in every room. To guarantee draught-free operation of the air conditioning system, the ceilings radiate either heat or cold by means of building component activation. A second air conditioning system ensures an adequate supply of fresh air. The windows, which are hinged and can be opened if necessary, therefore generally remain closed, keeping the noise – the hotel is in the city centre – outside.

Eye-catching bathrooms

Hotel operator Machner is aiming for at least a four-star rating. As befitting this high standard, the hotel rooms are luxuriously appointed. Telephones, televisions, wireless Internet and indirect lighting are standard. The bathrooms are also constructed with a modern, high-quality finish in terms of design, comfort and functionality. They are eye-catching and located in a separate area which is separated off by means of transparent walls. The shower areas – with an additional glass partition – have level access. In combination with the design of the shower channels and the proven sealing technology from SANIT, they meet the highest standards, both technically and visually. The drainage system used is the SANIT complete set for creating level-access showers for installation in solid floors. It consists of an ES50 channel body made of stainless steel with affixed seal, EPS support and preinstalled trap. This creates a water-tight, resilient construction without a large amount of technical work, a characteristic appreciated by the employees of D und L Haustechnik when installing the shower channels. The drain frame can be moved 5 mm in any direction ensuring that it fits in optimally with the tile pattern. It has an attractive rounded edge guide just 2.5 mm wide and any water that penetrates drains off through drainage holes. A strong connection to the substructure is achieved by perforations around the edge of the drain frame. The channel cover can be either a slot drain or a version for tiling. The frames are 11 or 22 mm deep, depending on the tile thickness. ES50 shower channels from SANIT are available in two sizes (750 mm x 50 mm and 950 x 50 mm), each for a tile thickness of 11 or 22 mm. For the Scala Hotel, a cover made of brushed stainless steel was chosen. The ES50 can also be tiled or covered with other materials (stone and wood) if required.

Stylish WC push plates made of glass for flush actuation

The high-quality bathroom fittings in the Scala Hotel also continue on into the WC area. Flushing is carried out beautifully on the 995 N toilet module (with small access opening) by means of the flush-mounted SANIT 706 series glass push plates (with minimum installation dimensions of 181 x 121 mm). Here, the combination of a white base and a frame in polished stainless steel creates fine, subtle design accents. The ease of cleaning and hygiene properties of the 706 series push plates also make them ideally suited to this purpose. Furthermore, the 995N toilet module for dry wall constructions (installation height 1185 mm), like all concealed cisterns with a small access opening from SANIT, is equipped with a push button cable which actuates the dual flush mechanism without a lever or rocker switch. It is quick and easy to install by means of a bayonet coupling. Complex adjustments are now a thing of the past as nothing can become displaced with this modern technology.

Eisenberg, January 2013