Small detail, great effect

The ventilair® air-admittance set greatly minimizes the effort for installation and maintenance.

It shows once again that small things can also be of great benefit. Our ventilair® air-admittance set is a fine example of this. Installation is quick and easy. Maintenance and replacement can also be done easily and comfortably. The air-admittance set has been designed to upgrade the SANIT WC elements INEO PLUS with concealed cistern CC-121.

When using a concealed cistern the horizontal connection obviates the need of a wall mounting box. The air-admittance set is of compact design and service-friendly so that it can be easily maintained and replaced through the inspection opening.

And this is how the air-admittance set works: It opens when there is negative pressure in the pipe system, and after ventilation it closes again odour-proof and watertight. At equalized pressure the valve remains closed. The volume flow is sufficient for a complete bath unit.

Excellent quality and safety are guaranteed. The ventilair® air-admittance set belongs to the highest type class A I, is type-tested and monitored according to DIN EN 12380.

Our ventilair® aid-admittance set includes: horizontal air-admittance valve with rubber connector, adapter for horizontal air-admittance valve, HT-pipe of DN 50 (500 mm), flexible connecting pipe (500 mm), HT-pipe DN 50 87°, connecting bend DN 90 90° and fastening set (elbow, pipe clamp, sealing caps).

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