SANIT Flush Volume Restrictor - A clean solution for toilet bowls 

The easy to adjust flush volume restrictor ensures optimal flushing. 
Adjusting the optimal flush volume for the toilet bowl -no problem with the adjustable SANIT flush volume restrictor for toilet bowls. It is particularly perfect for rimless WCs. Adjustment is comfortably done through the inspection opening with no need to remove the outlet fitting. The WC element INEO PLUS 450 S comes with an adjustable flush volume restrictor already.    

To ensure optimum flushing of a WC bowl the flush volume and the ceramic form must complement each other. If the flush volume is too weak, it does not reach all parts of the contaminated bowl. If it is too strong, on the other hand, the water may easily splash over the rim which can happen with rimless bowls. It needs an exactly adjusted flush volume to guarantee an entirely clean result.

Getting the perfect flush volume in no time
The SANIT flush volume restrictor very easily regulates the flush volume. Easy and quick access is through the inspection opening. With a flick of the wrist the flush volume can be reduced or increased as needed for the relevant WC bowl. An additional advantage in terms of operating convenience:  The outlet fitting needs not be removed for the adjustment thus saving time and effort. The adjustable flush volume restrictor is already installed in the INEO PLUS 450 S WC element. SANIT concealed cisterns CC-121 from series 3 and CC-122 can be easily retrofitted at reasonable cost.


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