A visual highlight for WC and Urinal

INEO BRIGHT gets exiting precision design to where it is least expected

A new design line for WCs and urinals that surprises and catches the eye: The distinctive shape of INEO BRIGHT makes it a real eye catcher. The push buttons are arranged vertically - a highlight of excitingly precise design. Due to the modular design a new personalized look can be created in less than no time. High-quality materials underline the effect. INEO BRIGHT thus meets the needs and makes wishes come true when it comes to a modern bathroom design.   

The expressive, innovative design convinces at the first glance – and the first touch. Apart from a striking shape installation is accurate to the millimeter. It thus convinces all along the line in terms of senses and function.  

The modular concept offers a variety of design options. Every component of INEO BRIGHT is easily replaceable. The front plate can be easily replaced to give it a new look. A number of design options are available for this purpose.   

Whether high-gloss plastics, long-lasting and scratch-resistant duroplast, unbreakable glass or robust stainless steel – INEO BRIGHT meets every need. The large variety of high-quality materials and attractive colours is ideal to create a customized design of WC and urinal. Whether in public and semi-public areas or at home.  

INEO BRIGHT is available as a WC actuator plate or urinal lid. Installation is easy and space-saving, maintenance minimal.

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