The INEO SCOP black glass push plate with its unconventional design and  integrated light feature gives your bathroom a special feeling of wellbeing. It is part of the well-known SANIT LINEA design range and embodies classic elegance with clear lines, making it ideal for use in private and semi-public areas.
Toughened safety glass, the welcoming function created by corona lighting and the guiding lighting functions are indicative of the high quality of the push plate. It can be used with all INEO WC elements with a height of 1120 mm with a small access opening, dual flush and front operation.
The subtle LED background lighting of the black glass plate, with its 7 individually adjustable lighting colours, become visible as soon as a user approaches the toilet. Both the user detection and flushing of the WC are carried out by precise infrared sensors.
Various functions, such as the flush wait time, automatic intermittent flushing and cleaning mode, are individually adjustable.

Technical specifications / settings
The dimensions of the INEO SCOP are 220 (L) x 160 (W) mm, and the height over tiles is 15 mm.
The SCOP has the option of 7 light colours: white, azure, magenta, yellow, blue, green and red.
The IR sensors have a long range of approx. 1500 mm and a short range of approx. 60 mm. The power supply specification is 230V AC mains, operating voltage: 6V, protection class: IP45.
The flush wait time has a setting range of 1 - 83 s. It is preset at the factory to 7 s. The intermittent flushing has a setting range of 1 - 108 h and can also be set to OFF, which is the factory setting. The SCOP also has a setting for the cleaning mode.
Factory-set flushing volumes of 3 and 6 l can also be adjusted for the relevant WC pan via the INEO flushing mechanism.
All settings can be carried out via the DO-5.1 S bi-directional maintenance and service remote control and the main functions can be adjusted directly on the push plate via the IR function.

Scope of delivery / accessories
The INEO SCOP, Article no. 16.746.C8..0000, comes with the glass push plate complete with IR sensors, LED lighting and control electronics. A low-noise low-voltage motor with bracket, the compact 230V AC/6V DC power supply and fixings are also included.
Other accessories that are available are a concealed installation kit, Art. no. 03.933.00..0000, for preparing the power supply, and a DO-5.1 S bidirectional maintenance and service remote control, 03.806.00..0000, for carrying out the settings.

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