The simple new way to refurbish your WC 

The INEO UPDATE saves water, is easy to maintain and has a modern design.  

It has rarely been easier to bring technology and design of a WC up to date. With the INEO UPDATE conversion kit refurbishing is done in next to no time: The concealed cistern is converted from a large to a small inspection opening. Now, the flushing system, filling valve and drain set also keep pace with the times and help saving water. But since function is not the end of the story a variety of actuator plates of attractive design is available to choose from.

Installing a modern flush system
The INEO UPDATE has been designed for cases where a WC that has been service for many years is to be refurbished with no great effort. A drain set that comes with a modern cable system replaces the old lever system. It obviates the need of adjustments when the actuator plates are installed. The old actuator plate, in most cases equipped with a 1-quantity or start-stop flush system, is replaced by a new plate featuring a small inspection hole allowing an up-to-date dual flush.  
Thanks to the latest flushing system by SANIT the quantity of water can now be efficiently adjusted by the drain set. The amount of water is reduced from 9 to 6 litres. Also possible is a stepless adjustment of 4 to 6 litres and 3 to 4 litres resp.

Opt for a new design
It is not only the low consumption of water but also the look that is impressive. Well-designed actuator plates can be chosen from a large range of attractive designs, various materials and colours.   
To complement the new look perfectly, various decorative panels and tile frame sets come with the INEO UPDATE. The decorative panels are designed to face the inspection opening and consist of coated aluminium composite panels.  The tile frame sets are useful when a complete tiling is requested and comprise a stainless-steel tile frame, tile positioning device and fastening bolts.

Flyer conversion set INEO UPDATE (PDF)

Assembly conversion set INEO UPDATE (PDF)

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