Basin with concealed overflow

These basins are unmatched - High-grade plastic material, concealed overflow and push-open valve provide for robust comfort.

When the going gets rough you will need very sturdy basins. For extra demanding conditions SANIT offers two basins that meet the requirements of everyday use. Made of high-grade plastic material resisting tough conditions and without disturbing overflow. The right INEO FLUX washbasin set with convenient push-open valve makes use and cleaning easy.  

The lineo and maxi basins are made of high-quality polypropylene – a plastic material that is extremely sturdy, non-corrosive, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Impacts, sun, frost, boiling water, lyes, solvents do no harm to the material. Thus, both basins are vastly superior to enamelled basins. SANIT gives a 10 years’ guarantee for the breaking strength of this material.   

When it comes to the look and cleaning, they also reveal major advantages. The overflow opening is concealed and does not disturb. The basin has no hidden corners, edges and hollow spaces. Thus, dirt is prevented from accumulating. The semi-gloss finish makes cleaning easy.   

The INEO FLUX washbasin set provides additional ease of use. It is suitable for all basins coming with a concealed overflow and the adjustment of the overflow height is extremely flexible. The integrated push-open drain valve can be operated conveniently even if the going gets rough. It can be easily removed and cleaned.  INEO FLUX comes with an integrated return flow protection and a valve unit for easy-to-maintain ventilation. Assembly is easy and quick.

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