WC element INEO FronTop 985 equipped with INEO FRESH box for water box cube, for wall-hung WC, with small access opening, front/top operated (pre-assembled for front operation) h/w/d: 985/525/155 mm, self-supporting, powder-coated steel frame, for covering with plasterboard, installation onto a solid wall, in drywall con-structions etc., 4-point fastening, fully pre-assembled, includes self-locking feet with swivel base plates and fastening set, adjustment range of feet from unfinished floor level to upper edge of finished floor level: 0-200 mm, adjustment range front to wall: 155-205 mm (when mounted on wall bra-ckets Code No. 17.257.00..T000), SANIT concealed cistern with insulation against condensation (CC-122-S-UO-2V-2C), with dual flush (6-4.5l/4-2l)and flexible cable technology, factory setting 6 and 3 litres, with protection cap for the flush pipe, SANIT fill valve Noise Class I, angle valve R 1/2, 4-position adjustable mounting clip, WC connecting bend 90deg DN 90 (d:90)/DN 100 (d:110) with protection cap, SANIT complete WC connection set DN90 (d:90)/180 mm, protection box for access opening can be cut to size, flexible hose to fill valve, can be screwed by hand, 2 M12 WC retaining bolts adjustable to 180/230 mm with protection plugs and nuts, installation instructions, without push plate, packed in a box Concealed cistern tested to DIN EN 14055, Noise Class I The cleaning cubes being used must be suitable for WC plastic cisterns and must not contain chlorine or any oxidizing components, otherwise the cistern may be damaged (e.g. stress cracking).
Accessories: - wall brackets (pair) Code No. 17.257.00..T000 - possible connections (extended wall brackets, feet, bottom wall bracket) - WC flush actuators - sound-absorbing sets - WC connectors (double bend, offset connection bend, etc.) - cladding panel Code No. 17.115.00..S000 - roughing-in set for shower WC Code No. 03.956.00..0000 - adjustable flush reducer Code No. 05.261.00..0000

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