SANIT WC element INEO 80 PLUS 1120/635

WC element INEO 80 PLUS for wall-hung WC, with small access opening, front operated h/w/d: 1120/635/95 mm, self-supporting, powder-coated steel frame, for covering with plasterboard, installation on a solid wall, in drywall constructions etc., 4-point fastening, fully pre-assembled, includes support feet and fastening set, adjustment range of feet from unfinished floor level to upper edge of finished floor level: 0-150 mm, adjustment range front to wall: 95-170 mm, SANIT concealed cistern with insulation against condensation (CC-80-S-FO-2V-2C), with dual flush (6-4.5 l / 3-2 l) and flexible cable technolgy, factory setting 6 and 3 litres, button function transmitted to INEO flush valve via flexible cables, connection to push plate via turn-click connection, with protection cap for the flush pipe, SANIT fill valve Noise Class I, angle valve connection set R 1/2, mounting clip for drain bend adjustable in 4 positions, WC connection bend 90deg 90 DN(d:90) with protection cap, SANIT complete WC connection kit DN 90(d:90)/180 mm, protection box for access opening can be cut to size, flexible hose to fill valve, can be screwed by hand, 2 M12 WC retaining bolts adjustable to 180/230 mm with protection plugs and nuts, installation instructions, without push plate, packed in a box Concealed cistern tested to DIN EN 14055, Noise Class I, KIWA Accessories:
-WC flush actuators (except: LIS and SWING) -sound absorbing sets -WC connectors

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