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INEO RIM Bathtub Rim Unit11-16-2017

INEO RIM bathtub rim unit, compactness in combination with technical perfection

INEO RIM – NEW suitable for fittings with shank diameters to 54 mm

Universal & Compact  -  the INEO RIM Bathtub Rim Unit

SANIT's new INEO RIM bathtub rim unit is both compact and height adjustable.

The unit offers an excellent range of technical features and demonstrates a high degree of functionality. Options for fine adjustment of the fittings panel, a built-in non-return valve for added safety, integrated connections and easy access for maintenance purposes are some of the unit's most noteworthy characteristics.

The 3-4 holes included in the fittings panel make for a wide range of fitting options.  With options for individual cladding or tiling, INEO RIM can be made to fit harmoniously into any wellness bathroom layout.

Technical specifications

The INEO RIM bathtub rim unit is intended as a substructure element for dry cladding and designed to facilitate the assembly of fittings external to the bathtub. The unit is self-supporting and free-standing. As a protective measure, the surface of the unit's strong, steel frame construction is powder coated. The 3-4 hole panel allows for a range of bathtub rim fittings. With its 4 height-adjustable feet, the INEO RIM is suitable for use with a wide range of bathtub types.

The unit is equipped with a hose box to take away dripping water. The hose box has wall openings for drinking water connection and the feed pipes to the bathtub's drain and overflow fittings. The hose box is equipped with a flexible, rotatable DN 32 x 1250 mm connecting piece. This feature allows the bathtub's drainage fittings to be connected to a rigid DN 32 overflow pipe. Inclusion of a DN 32 branch pipe with non-return valve allows dripping water to be removed via the bathtub's drainage facility.

The fittings panel is mounted on concealed attachments which are horizontally-adjustable and can be tiled over. Fittings with a maximum shank diameter of 54 mm can be custom mounted onto the panel. The unit provides for inclusion of a pull-out sprayer and hose among the bathtub fittings.

Scope of Delivery / Accessories

Delivery of the INEO RIM bathtub rim unit (Item number: 90.686.00..0000) includes frame (LxWxH: 675 x 150 x 500 mm), tileable fittings panel, hose box with wall openings, 2 corner valves G 1/2 x G 1/2 and ready-prepared connections.

Accessories available from SANIT include the SWING PLUS drain and overflow set with inflow function, R ½ AG x 40/50 (Item number: 35.310.00..0000) with corresponding flexible connecting hose, self-sealing plug and lock nut G ½ x 1,500 mm.