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SANIT conversion set INEO UPDATE09-05-2017

BEFORE - WC flush with big access opening

AFTER - option with docorative plate

AFTER - option with tiling set

WC refurbishment - from OLD to NEW

You want to renovate your toilet and use a flush plate with a modern design? The SANIT conversion set INEO UPDATE offers the possibility of retrofitting a flushing cistern from a big to a small access opening. At the same time, the flushing technology, filling valve and flush valve are brought to the latest state of the art. And you can choose your design from the wide range of modern flush panels.

Innovative flushing technology

With the INEO UPDATE, we replace fill and flush valve with SANIT's latest, proven flushing technology. A flush valve with modern cable technology replaces the old lever technology. This eliminates the need for adjustment during the installation of the flush plate. Modernization and water saving, thanks to efficient adjustment of the flushing volumes at the flush valve, is the solution. This makes the changeover from 9l to 6l flush volume, in addition, a step-less adjustment of 4-6l and 3-4l is possible. The previous flush plates with the “large access opening”, predominantly with 1-volume or start-stop flushing, can then be replaced by modern small 2 volume flush plates.

Modern design

Your toilet gets a modern design with the decorative plate and a new flush plate. There is a matching assortment of decorative panels with a cut-out for the small access opening. A tiling set is available for the complete tiling. Choose a flush plate for the small access opening from a variety of attractive designs. Different materials and colours are offered.

Easy - with few components to the goal

-    Conversion kit INEO UPDATE from large to small access opening
-    Decorative panel with cutout in various surfaces
-    flush plate in modern designs, materials and colours

Prospekt Umrüstset INEO UPDATE (2.1 Mbyte)
installation conversion set INEO UPDATE (2.2 Mbyte)