Sparkle Towers in Dubai UAE

The Sparkle Towers, modern residential and commercial buildings, are located in the heart of the city of Dubai Marina. They stand for special luxury and high-quality standards. The two towers connected to each other are an extraordinary piece of architecture that offers a special living ambience. The residential buildings have 45 floors, 374 residential units and 859 bathrooms.

Bathrooms with modern toilet flushing technology made by SANIT

The pre-wall WC-frames in the heights of 1.120 mm and 820 mm can be operated from the front or top. They are equipped with the new generation of concealed cisterns INEO for wall-hung toilets. The concealed cisterns provide a small access opening, a water-saving dual flush and a flexible cable technology.

The design element is the chrome-plated push plate S707. It complements the bathroom design harmoniously and stands for classic elegance and clear lines. The pair of push buttons in trapeze form of different sizes makes a clear statement about the function.

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