The SANIT pipes and connectors correspond to the regulations of DIN EN 1 2056 in connection with DIN 1 986-100 and DIN EN 752.
This leads to different product names of these articles. So far, the nominal diameter DN referred to the inner pipe diameter.
SANIT denominates its articles according to the EN standard from 2006 on. The nominal diameter DN refers then approximately to the outer diameter of the pipes and connectors.
Please take note of these changes in the product groups connectors, concealed installations and drainage systems.

Thread designations

M – ISO metric thread according to DIN 13

G – thread in inches according to DIN EN ISO 228

R – male pipe thread (conical) according to DIN EN 10226


SANIT name   
OLD - 

    Nominal diameter 
acc. to DIN EN 12056
    NEW - DN    

Outer diameter 
in mm
25 30 32
32 40 40
40 50 50
50 56 56
70 70 75
80 90 90
100 100 110
125 125 125
150 150 160
200 200 200

Declaration of Conformity with the European Chemicals Directive (REACH)
We hereby declare that our products comply with European Chemicals Directive
No. 1907/2006/EC (REACH).
Re: Information obligations in accordance with Art. 33
As a manufacturer of products as defined in the aforementioned Directive, we are a downstream user .
These products are not subject to mandatory registration.
We do not produce any chemicals (substances) or preparations, nor do we import such products into the EU.
Information regarding substances contained in primary and auxiliary products is based on information
provided by our suppliers.
We place great value on the cultivation of trusting relationships with our suppliers, which form an important
basis for ensuring compliance with the European Chemicals Directive throughout the supply chain.
As such, and to the best of our current knowledge, our products, including their packaging, do not contain
any substances of very high concern (SVHC), as specified in the Candidate List (Art. 59[1], in its latest
version) of the European Chemicals Agency ECHA, to an extent of more than 0.1 mass % per product.

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