Apartment block modernization in Jena with prefabricated installation systems from SANIT

Jena is a high-tech location and internationally known for competencies in optics and photonics as well as in health technology and medical technology. Here, not only first-class research and development is carried out, but also production for global markets.  

Much emphasis is placed on the modernisation of existing housing in Jena, as they - refurbished and modernised - can be used to meet the increasing demand for affordable housing. One project of many was the duct renovation in the nine-storey residential building Fritz-Ritter-Street in Jena Lobeda.

This project relied on SANIT's longstanding system expertise. The custom-made duct installations were delivered to the construction site according to the schedule. They not only ensure an accelerated construction process, but also correspond to the current state of modern building technology with the components integrated into the stable frame construction.

Prefabricated SANIT installation systems

With regard to noise and fire protection, compliance with the drinking water regulations, DIN standards and insulation (according to EnEV), the SANIT duct installations meet all the requirements of modern building technology.

A stainless steel system was used in the cold and hot water lines. The cold and hot water distribution - with connections for wash basin, cistern, bathtub (or shower) and sink - was implemented with a multilayer composite pipe system. The sewage line (DN 100) was designed with a standard sound-insulating house drainage system.

The self-supporting frame made of professional steel was provided with brackets for the washbasin, a frame widening above the ventilation duct and a fitting bracket for the mixer tap.

The scope of delivery also included a WC-frame 995N with small access opening and modern, flexible cable technology as well as the matching, elegant toilet push plate of series S 701 for designing the bathrooms.

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