The ideal shower drain - how it should be

The new Magnetech 90 with patented odor trap – optimized for low installation heights

Compact, stylish and odorless in every application. The new shower drain Magnetech 90 by SANIT does not only fit in optimally with the modern bathroom design but also provides a lot of practical benefits. The patented mechanical odor trap puts an end to unwelcome odors. Its low installation height makes it perfectly suitable for ultra-flat shower trays. It requires little maintenance und can be easily and quickly installed.

The biggest advantage is the patented mechanical odor trap. The trap cannot dry out or being sucked empty. Thus, unpleasant odors have no chance. The trap is also gas-tight at negative and positive pressure. The maximum drainage capacity is 0.60 l/sec. Our new shower drain Magnetech 90 has been tested according to DIN EN 274.

The Magnetech 90 is of utmost compact design. Its installation depth is just 66mm – ideal for ultra-flat shower trays with 90mm dia. drain hole and a wall thickness up to 26mm. No extra tools are needed for installation.

The chromium-plated cover comes with an integrated hair sieve. Clogging is thus prevented and cleaning is easy. Speaking of cleaning and maintenance: The entire odor trap can be easily removed for this purpose. The outlet pipe is thus easily accessible.

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