Comfortable, hygienic, energy-saving

Contactless flushing with the INEO BRIGHT infrared control for toilets and urinals

When it comes to toilets and urinals in particular, you shouldn't compromise on comfort and hygiene, but opt for the best solution - the new INEO BRIGHT infrared control. It enables contactless flush actuation. This is not only particularly convenient and hygienic. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, energy and water consumption are also extremely low. Another good reason to choose our INEO BRIGHT design line.

Infrared control works this easily: every user is reliably recognized by an infrared sensor, and the system is flushed automatically. Everything without touch and therefore hygienic and comfortable.

The INEO BRIGHT infrared control is available in two versions: as a toilet infrared control and as a urinal infrared control. The toilet variant also has a button for manual emergency flushing and a water-saving two-volume flush. The exact flush volume can be set using the INEO flush valve. All user-specific settings can be adjusted quickly and easily using the maintenance and service remote control. Important basic settings such as LED color or dynamic flushing can also be changed directly by hand on the flush plate. It is operated via mains connection or battery.

Several material and color variants are available: white-alpine or chrome-colored plastic, white thermosetting plastic or brushed stainless steel. In this way, toilets and urinals can be individually designed in public and semi-public areas as well as in private houses. The toilet infrared control is made for an installation in SANIT pre-wall WC-frames with concealed cisterns INEO (small access opening). The urinal infrared control was developed for SANIT urinal frames with cartridge valve technology.

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