SANIT Sanitary module INEO SOLO wall-hung WC black

INEO SOLO sanitary module for wall-hung WC, black/black
comprising a WC element, cladding, cover as well as WC and water connection sets, mounting instructions provided, packed in a box

WC element, with small access opening, front operated, h/w/d: 1126/458/138 mm, self-supporting, powder-coated steel frame, 6-point-fastening, fully pre-assembled, SANIT concealed cistern (CC-121-S-UO-2V-2C) insulated against condensation,with dual flush (7.5-4.5 l/4-2 l)and flexible cable technolgy, factory setting 6 and 3 litres, with flush pipe, mounting clip 4-position adjustable, 2 WC retaining bolts M12 adjustable 180 mm with protection plugs and nuts, fastenings, can be upgraded for shower WCs

Cladding made of high-quality composite material, colour: black, suitable for use in wet rooms, water-resistant, washable, the surface is abrasion-resistant, stain-resistant, light-fast, non-porous and therefore completely hygienic, easy to clean and impervious to common household cleaning products (not resistant to scrubbing or acids), with cut-outs or preparation for cut-outs

Cover made of glass, safety glass (thermally toughened), colour: black, glass edge, straight edge with arris, polished, glass thickness 8 mm, set for attaching to frame

Water connection set for side connection consisting of: SANIT fill valve Noise Class I with brass connection 3/8, chrome-plated, screw-in rosette, 1/2 angle valve, self-sealing, with chrome-plated rosette, 90° connection pipe, chrome-plated, 2 cone compression fittings 3/8

WC connection set consisting of: 90deg PE waste bend, mounting clip, reducing sleeve DN 90/100, laminated seal for an internal pipe diameter of 98 to 110 mm, PE WC connection kit DN 90, 180 mm long

- WC flush actuators (except: LIS)
- offset connection bend
- water connection sets
- roughing-in set for shower toilet code no. 03.956.00..0000 - adjustable flush reducer code no. 05.261.00..0000

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